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Our company inspiration is the local current of wooden architecture from the transition of 19th and 20th century called "Świdermajer” due to the location of its main office. This style was prevalent on the so-called Otwock Line located on the suburbs of Warsaw along the train tracks leading from Wawer to Śródborów. By mixing its characteristic patterns into our projects we would like to show it in a new, modern layout. We specialize in stainless steel and by giving it mesh shapes inspired by designs in the style of Świdermajer from our area, we hope that this style can be recognized not only locally, but on a wider scale. Thanks to the flexibility of street furniture which makes up our daily space its occurrence does not have to be limited in any way. It is because of the street furniture that we have the unique possibility of recreating to a certain degree the style of Michał (Michael) Elwiro Andriolli who was the creator of this particular style and simultaneously having our hand in reminding and broadening the historical knowledge about the origins of this excellent, although a bit forgotten architectural current.

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300 x 300 x 950 mm
50 l