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Prekių sąrašas pagal prekės ženklą ZANO

30 metų patirtis

Gatvės baldai

Zano company makes products according to project in any style, products such as benches, litter bins, posts, bicycle racks, notice boards, tree guards, sign posts and also gates, fences and bus shelters, garden furniture, gazebos and other. Main material is steel with elements such as iron casting. We are using also polyester resin as supplement material.

Our specialty is stainless steel and non-ferrous metals, we make shop furniture of non-ferrous metals and balustrade of stainless steel and also stairs lamps candlesticks, and furniture details combined with wood and glass.


We have our own designing office. Our designing office collaborate with many great interior designers, professors from faculty of architecture at The Academy of fine and arts. We make elements of small architecture, and recently we have specialized in designing and making any products of stainless steel and non-ferrous metals made to individual order.

Thanks to collaboration with the best specialists we are able to offer products of excellent making quality, and can make demanding and complicated projects.

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